NAGUE machito and his afro-cubans



NAGUE is a famous interpretation that made Machito famous. Machito-vocalist, maraca player, composer, recording artist, bandleader (1908-1984) Machito and his Afro Cubans was an absolute powerhouse unit that lay the foundation for Latin Jazz, a seminal force in the original fusion of Cuban clave rhythms and the melodies and harmonies of jazz. They were the original Mambo Kings in New York in the 40s and are considered the most innovative and influential orchestra in the genre.
Frank Grillo better known as Machito was born in Tampa, Florida February 16, 1912. His father was Cuban, but, he was born an American Citizen by his own right. He was raised in Cuba. His mother nicknamed him MACHO and later people call him MACHITO. He became a very proficient vocalist and maraca player. He came to New York in 1937, looking for a good opportunity. He was a member of many Cuban groups of the time, like Conjunto Moderno, Conjunto Caney, Noro Morales Orchestra and Xavier Cugat Orchestra. After serving his duty in the US army he came back to New York. Later on he formed his own orchestra known as Machito and his Afro-Cubans Boys. Mario Bauza was his brother in law who became an essential element for their orchestra infiltrating the new rhythm known as in Latin Jazz. Their better know hit was Tanga. Here we present these great Cuban artists for the pleasure of our visitors. Graciela Grillo-Perez was born in Havana, Cuba and in the early 40s she moved to New York to seek success as the first lady of Latin jazz. She is the sister of Machito; (born August 25, 1915).